I finally got a much needed eye brow plucking session the other day at Bobbi Brown- a very popular and frequently fully booked service here at the BB counters in HK. For me, this is one of my must do’s in HK whenever I visit- I made my mom make a booking for me way in advance! I also got a fresh bottle of their gel eye liner. Mine was getting a bit dried and hard to apply, so I was due for a new jar. I’ve been a big fan of for the past 4 years and when applied from under the eye lashes, it creates the most beautiful line that subtly highlights your eyes and fills in the gaps between lashes making them look fulller.

bobbi brown- brush

While there, the lady introduced me to the ultra fine eye liner brush. She says that the finer tips will get into the gaps between the lashes much easier, and I can skip the whole going from underneath thing altogether using the regular  eye liner brush. Always a sucker for artists who gives me beautifully clean and sharp eye brows, I gave it a try. This brush does make a remarkable difference! It’s SO much easier to apply I wonder why they even bother sell the regular eye liner brush at all!