Has anyone tried clicking into Coffee with HG lately, only to be met with the same Alex Monroe Jewelry post again? I know that has happened to me a few times in the hopes for an update, even though she’s told me repeatedly that she was going to stop in August. I even personally asked her again when I was back in HK last week to reconfirm- just to be sure! And unfortunately my dear readers, it breaks my heart to say it but HG has really stopped blogging! Not because she’s tired of blogging, but because she has officially stepped into the corporate world, with all its corporate mandates about working on the side and all that. She asked me to let dear ex-I am Fashion readers who have followed us to our new blogs to know this. After all, it would be extremely rude and irresponsible to just disappear from the face of the blogsophere without a word- and we are ever the polite and responsible bloggers. Sigh, I suddenly feel so alone. Let’s hope that this is a temporary thing and she will some day come back to us!