Update: Apparently, this was what we missed. How did we miss this??


I’ve been in Chicago for over five years now (time flies!), and I have yet to see an Oprah show. So when I recieved mail that Oprah was blocking off Mag Mile today to do a shooting, I thought this is it! It’s even starting just after work hours. How many chances does one get to see the Oprah show literally at their doorstep? I won’t even have to wait for ages for the bus or squeeze onto the train afterwards!


And so my colleague and I snuck off a little before five today, hoping to get a decent standing spot. We entered from the side and boy was it packed! We tried to sneak our way forward the best we could without pretending to have a “medical emergency,” and we did make respectable headway if I may say so myself. Unfortunately, the crowd was very tall for two 5′ 4″ Asian girls and we literally could not see anything and had to stand on our tip toes and strain our heads just to see the corner of the projector screens. The best view we had was through the screen of other people’s cameras! We glimpsed Oprah’s yellow clad form on the screen and heard Black Eyed Peas played. When we realized that we have no idea (and still do not) what the big “surprise” that involved thousands of people that had Oprah exclaiming that it was the most extraordinary thing she’s ever seen was even though we were there, we realized that there really wasn’t much point in staying. And so we left and had  Berry Chill instead. But at least now we get to tick something off our Bucket’s list (kind of) and say we were there and felt the atmosphere!