I finally pushed the check out button today for these boots. Today is a sufficiently depressing day for me to use some cheering up!


The Hunter wellingtons come in violet!!

Hunter Violet

How pretty is that? This color immediately appealed to my young, girly side who adores purple! It would look so pop and pretty with my black trench coat on a pouring day (I’ll actually look forward to one!). But then I don’t think it would look really professional with a suit. Now that I’ve convinced myself that I should get a pair of Hunters (after my cheap pair of Target polka dot rainboots started to leak after maybe 5 wears, I’m ready to put down the money!!!!), I imagine that I’d be wearing them forever and it’ll take me from fun to work. Naturally I don’t plan to be wearing them at work with a suit, just on the way to work on a rainy day. But still, I don’t want to look like an idiot. Also, even though I have no doubt I’d still love this color in 5 years time, I’m not sure it would match with all my outfiits- it is a very vibrant purple!

Hunter Aubergine

Perhaps I should stick to my original plan and get the more somber Aubergine color? It is one of the “original” colors for a reason, and this one used to be “bright” comparatively before the violet came along! Thoughts?

And yes, I’m blogging abnormally early on a Saturday morning. I’ve been having nightmares all night about my upcoming gardasil shot (which is not until next next week!) etc and actually had to get up to rearrange the fengshui of my pillows in the hopes of better sleep.

Image Source: Shopbop