Usually I skip the Marc Jacobs show, preferring its more youthful and wearable  (and affordable!) sister. But this season, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can really appreciate this collection! Probably because its theatre, ballet and opera theme appealed to my inner starlet.

SS10-marc jacobs 1

You’re not going to see anyone dressed on the streets looking like this, but I can totally see the potential in all of these pieces! Those pink ballerina harem pants would look great with a simple tee. I can’t wait to break apart all the pieces in the second look to create multiple sophisticated yet feminine looks. That off shoulder soft blue top is divine, and would look gorgeous with skinny jeans. And I think I’m going to have to find myself a thin baby doll coat with a skinny belt to replicate that fourth look!

And who knew that fringed boho bags and fanny packs can look so cool?

SS10-marc jacobs 2

More artistic, ruffly pink pieces that I just love to look at. I can imagine a tamer version of the first look in the shops. The contrast between the soft ruffles and the sharp dress shirt is genius!

SS10-marc jacobs 3

I can see a few celebs wearing the first two dresses looking effortlessly cool on the red carpet next year. The second dress just flows! And the third look is just ethereal, like a cloud floating around her figure!

Image Source: Style.com