After my doctor mentioned it and my mom started harping on about how soon I’d be too ancient to get it, I finally got my first Gardasil shot the other day. I was hesitant at first because everyone I’ve talked to told me that this shot hurts. Some told me it made them cry, other told me that it felt like they were poking the needle deep into your muscles. I even read an article about how there’s been an increase of girls fainting from vaccinations since this shot was introduced! 

Physical pain has never been my strong suit. So prepared for the worst I walked into my doctor’s office, sat down, turned my head away and started rambling on nervously while the nurse got ready. She told me to take two deep breaths….. and I was done. The excruciating pain never came! It felt just like a regular blood drawing except even faster. I was so relieved I literally skipped out of the office. I don’t exactly look forward to my next shot in 2 months (apparently it’s not every 6 months, but 2 and 4 months), but at least now I don’t dread it either 🙂