Thanks for everyone’s suggestions! We settled on the prenatal massage after getting reassurance that a massage table with a belly cradle is a luxury. Though I do wish I’d gotten Sasha’s comment earlier. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a diaper cake, but it sounds kind of cool (and very useful). Could’ve gotten a diaper cake and a real cake for fun. But I’m sure she’ll love the massage too~


We’re currently brainstorming ideas for a gift for our boss, who is going to go on maternity leave soon. The men on our team have left it to us womenfolks to figure it out. Unfortunately most of us are under 30 and have no previous experience whatsoever with pregnancy. We thought of a 529 for the child (an inside joke), but found out we can’t set one up for an unborn, unnamed, unregistered child. We then came up with prenatal massage, which sounds like a good idea. It’s tailor made for pregnant women and it’s supposed to be relaxing. But then one of my colleague saw the prenatal massage¬†video and wasn’t so sure how comfortable it would be for a pregnant woman to be lying on her stomach on a massage table with a belly cradle in it. Anyone tried it and have any idea how popular they are with pregnant women?

Or any other ideas for gifts to your pregnant boss?