I just spent the last two hours trying to imitate Michelle Phan’s Sailormoon look. It is much harder than it looks in the video! I think I ended up looking more like an evil witch than anywhere near an anime character. 

Even though this is my first time ever using an eye liner (I went to pick up a L’Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid eye liner since it topped Allure’s best make-up list this year, just for this!), it wasn’t as hard to catch on as I’d feared. I was actually quite impressed by how easy it went on. Plus I love how it just rubs off! Yet nothing about my look was quite right. The lines I drew were either too thick or too thin. (HOW did she get the eye liner line on the lower eyes to look so thin???? I couldn’t even get that width practing on my hand!) The eye lashes I drew were nowhere as cute. The shape wasn’t right. Or I’d blink too quickly and it would smudge. It turned messy quite messy pretty quickly! I even messed up the part where I had to put white eye shadow/liner in to fill in the blanks. I ended up over shadowing the eye liner and getting a lot of powder into my eyes (my poor eyes). I did learn one thing though. Don’t be afraid to extend the two top lashes further than your instinct tells you to. Once you get the hang of drawing them properly and getting the length right, it really does take you a long way towards anime eyes. It’s a genius idea!

I’m not quite there yet with the whole look. Maybe I just don’t have the right eye shape for this. Maybe I don’t have the skill for this and should stick to a simpler look. Or maybe I’ll give it another try tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I’ll make another break through playing around. Will keep you posted!

Ps. If you’re still looking for ideas for Halloween, Michelle Phan has a few other neat ideas including Snow White, Seductive Vampire and Barbie.