For the last few Halloweens, I either didn’t dress up or had no idea what I was. I’m just not a big fan of buying costumes from the costume store because they are a) expensive b) badly made and c) unreturnable. So this year, I decided to be practical and brainstormed ideas for easy Halloween outfits. Here is what I came up with:

  1. Magician’s assistant: Just pop into a costume store and grab a hat, and pair it with your favourite white dress shirt, black vest and black shorts. Pair it with fishnets and heels for the full effect. To really put in that extra oomph, try it with this season’s hottest thigh high boots!
  2. Minnie Mouse: You don’t have to go all the way. Go to Forever 21 and pick up a white top and a red mini skirt. Cut circles out of white labels and stick it onto the skirt to create polka dots (if they don’t have a ready made one there already). Buy some mouse ears and stick on a bow clip or headband (available also at Forever 21/Claires). Red suspenders would be super cute. Black tights and heels (yellow ones if you have any). Don’t forget to draw on some fierce lashes. Consider blackening your nose to really complete the look.
  3. Japanese School Girl: This one is really easy. If you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, stop by Forever 21 (they are so ready for Halloween!) and get a mini plaid pleated skirt. I got this one because it’s neat and preppy. halloween- forever21 aBut if you feel like being from another rocker rival school, these are quite cool too.

halloween- forever21 b

    Pair it with your favourite white dress shirt and style as creatively as possible (read: accessorize accessorize!). Roll up the sleeves and let it loose. Tie your hair up in pigtails. Accessorize with ribbons and colorful clips. Sling on a tie or a fashionable big necklace. I’m loving this one:

    halloween- forever21 c

    And of course, complete with some intense Japanese inspired make-up. Yes, that was what I was doing experimenting with Sailormoon Tutorial. But I tried it a second time and it still looked a bit too weird. So I’m going to go for the regular Anime look. I even bought fake lashes today! Wish me luck and I’ll report back if  I accidentally pull out my real lashes along with the fake ones Sunday morning (this is my first time trying them!).

    4. Ninja: I’m loving Michelle Phan’s ninja look. The good news is that I already have a black mask from Go Karting. Maybe next year.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Image Source: Forever21