I’m not even in NYC but after much stalking I can feel the Manolo sample sale coming very very soon. So, I’ve prepared this list for my proxy to snag if she see’s any of them there for me, because I NEED a pair of Manolos!

Manolos 1

These will probably not be there, but I love love love these. I think I have an obsession with black peep toes. And aren’t those booties wicked?

 I wouldn’t mind these in different colors: grey, pink, purple, beige, bronze, red, silver, navy blue. I’m just not a fan of prints/patterns/orange/light brown. Oh and no slingbacks please. I have too many and they’re not that comfy.

Manolos 2

More super gorgeous evening shoes I love. I think 3″ to 4″ is perfect. 4″ is probably the highest I can go without falling and anything under 2″ just seems like a waste of a Manolo (I hear it’s all about the arch!).

Manolos 3

And these are styles and colors that I don’t mind. As you can see, I’ve somehow gotten it into my head that I really want a pair of mary janes.

Oh and I’m a size 6. Thanks! 🙂

Image Source: Neiman Marcus and Barneys