For a super indecisive person, I’ve made many difficult decisions lately. One of which is that I should really clean out my wardrobe of items that I haven’t used and will possibly never use again- even if they have sentimental value.

buyorsell- coach tote

This brown suede Coach tote with sequins for example. I got this during Thanksgiving at the Coach store in San Francisco my second year in college. I proceeded to use it daily for school until Spring when I switched to a more summery white Le Sportsac tote with gold lining. I possibly used it in my third year of college too. Then I got a black nylon Prada tote (which I’m still using!) and this proceeded to sit in my wardrobe waiting for another opportunity to come out, because seriously there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s in perfect condition and the style is not even that dated. Yet, it has been over 2 years and since then my collection of bags have only increased. I think it is time I let go. I even researched a good place to sell it at- Crossroads Trading . I won’t get anywhere near to what I paid for, but I am hoping it’ll at least buy me a meal (they give you 35% of what they sell it for).

buyorsell- rugby north america bag

The next item on my list is this leather messenger tote that totally fits into the old school preppy school theme. It’s from a brand called Rugby North America and it has sentimental value to me. But to be frank, I’ve only used it a few times and it has sat in my wardrobe for over 5 years since. I was just examining it and was newly impressed by its lining, zips and compartments. But let’s face it, I’m highly unlikely to be use it in the next 5 years.

buyorsell- burberry scarf 1

Then there is my purple Burberry cashmere scarf. This was my first Burberry/cashmere scarf and I remember being very excited and happy about it when I first got it in high school. There was a point when I’d wear it every single day and I even brought it with me to college. But alas, in the past few years, I’ve not worn it. Mostly because I’ve developed a taste for designs that are more subtle or “trendy” and there haven’t been much space for this girlhood classic. And honestly, I’m also afraid that I’d start feeling like what the Brits refer to as a chav if I wear it now. This will also fetch a very pretty penny (or so I hope!). But then again, it does have a lot of sentimental value to me (along with many other things). I’m on the fence with this one. Is it a sell or a keep?

Ps. This is not a comprehensive list of my sells. I’ve only just begun to take inventory and many have already been classified as a keeper regardless. i.e. my pink prom dress. I tried it on the other day and couldn’t believe how ridiculously old fashion I looked. And yet, when I bought it I could’ve sworn it was a classic!