Clarisonic first got onto my radar when my friend told me that it was on her list of things to buy during the Sephora F&F sale last month (yes, I’m slow that way). At first I was resistant to use anything so extreme on my skin, since it was perfectly fine. Well not perfectly, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it and I didn’t want to mess up with the median. But then I eventually saw it everywhere, featured prominently on the Sephora website and in Michelle Phan videos etc. So I started my research. I figured if I was going to buy it, now was the time since it the F&F deal was really good, they were giving out two free brush heads worth $50 and it comes in this adorable pink color because of Cancer Awareness month!  

 Clarisonic Mia

By the time I made it to Sephora (last week), I was a semi professional Clarisonic sales. As the lady explained the theory to my friends and I, I pitched in my insight and even the lady was impressed! Interesting things you need to know about the Clarisonic:

  • The Clarisonic can be used with any non-abrasive gentle skin cleanser such a Cetaphil
  • It uses a special technology to oscillate the brushhead to give your skin a deep cleansing, removing everything from the surface that should not be there. And yet, it is still gentle enough for daily use. This will allow for cleaner skin, smaller pores and allow products to sink in 6 times better. What more can a girl want?
  • There is a built in 1 minute timer, by which time it’ll stop, preventing you from over cleansing
  • You can kiss your exfoliator goodbye with your Mia
  • The brushhead is made of the best bristles money can buy (or so they say), which naturally reduces the chance of bacteria build up
  • According to the lady, the brushhead can technically be used forever if it didn’t get a bit battered. She suggests changing it every 4-5 months (contrary to the 3-4 months instruction on the box)
  • It is waterproof, so you won’t electrocute yourself even if you’re using it in the shower (the charger magnetically attaches itself to the Mia!)
  • The charger is universal and you need it charge it for 24 hours the first time around

Then the lady tried it out on our hands/face. Our skin felt so amazingly silky and smooth afterwards that all three of us were immedaitely SOLD!

Image Source: Sephora