My friends and I have had our Clarisonic Mia for 2 weeks now, and we’ve had mixed reviews. D has super sensitive skin. Her skin still felt raw a week after the first try using the delicate brush, and so she’s resolved to only use her Mia once a week as a scrub. J just moved to London and has forgotten about her Mia, but from the one week of devoted usage she had, she had no adverse effects. K has used it for over 2 weeks, reducing it to once a day recently to accomodate the drier weather, but she too has had no adverse effects. As for me, I believe I’m going through the ‘purging’ period.

One week after using it twice a day, I noticed small and large pimples surfacing on my forehead and cheeks that are not usually there. At that point, I was unsure of what to do because as much Clarisonic discussion as there have been online about this process, no one has specifically say what one should do about it. Do I stop using it, to prevent further irritation and spreading of bacteria? Or do i forge on, to conitnue with the purging process? In the end, caution won out and I stopped using it for the last week. I mean, what if the purging period never ends???????????? It’s like all the stuck pores on my cheeks all decided to surface at once!

 So far, the large scary bumps are gone, but there are still a few small ones left to heal here and there. I’m planning to give it a break for another day or two, and start using Mia again on Monday. But only for once a day, because I think even my skin was feeling chafed by it. I use the sensitive brush, and it is definitely not as sensitive as it is marketed out to be. I hope this marks the end of the purging process….because I miss the baby smooth clean skin I had when I was using the Mia!!!

I wish the Mia came with guidelines on how to identify if you’re purging or just not suited to the product, and if you are purging, what you should do. So far, it’s been a lot of my own judgment call as a user and that frankly is kind of scary. I’ll let you know if the purging comes back next week!