1. Examine your hair for split ends and cut them off. The next time you go get your hair done, your hairstylist will be amazed by your lack of split ends!
  2. Read random Wikipedia articles. Even if you’re doing nothing, at least you’re learning something. Kind of
  3. Read random new articles and blogs. Same as (2), knowledge is power and all that
  4. Write up your grocery list or list of chores. This way, you’ll at least be productive outside of work
  5. Reply emails to friends and gchat. Socializing is a very important part of life after all and in doing so, you can save other friends from boredom. Oh and on a side note, Google Wave is overrated. Give it a few more months to work out the bugs
  6. Play online reversi. Occasionally exercising your brain with something challenging will prevent it from rotting too quickly- even though I’m sure sometimes (esp on Tuesdays) you feel like your brain has already rotted
  7. Blog/Research for blogging. After all that other bloggers have done for you to occupy your time, you should reciprocate the gesture
  8. Learn something. Maybe today I’ll learn how to create/use pivot tables

What do you do when you procrastinate?