I think I’m getting addicted to my Mia. I just love the feeling of the oscillating brushhead against my face. It makes me want to continuously use it to make sure that ALL the dirt is gone. It’s a good thing it automatically turns off after 1 minute! And of course, I love the feeling of clean and smoothness afterwards. Though nothing quite compares to how my skin feels after I use it when I’ve not used it for a few days or a week. That’s when you feel really really clean.

I’m happy to report that the crazy purging period seems to have passed. But alas, I’m still waiting for the promised land of clear and poreless skin. It seems that when one zit dies down then a new blocked pore suddenly surfaces and develops into a pimple. When will this purging end? Or should I just reduce to using it every few days instead? Maybe I’ll take a break from it over the Thanksgiving break. I could use the extra suitcase space for something else- I’m going to NYC! 🙂