It was few episodes ago, but I still can’t get over how great S looked in this dress! I love the color. The fitted siloheutte and the assymetric sleeves is the epitome of this season’s style. And of course, S carries it off beautifully!

Gossip Girl- Serena- alexander wang1

Lo’ and behold, who is it by? Fashion’s golden boy, Alexander Wang!

S- catherine malandrino

Speaking of especially memorable Serena dresses, does anyone remember this one? I was so inspired by it, I bought my own version of it also by Catherine Malandrino. But then after wearing it once or twice, I sadly realized that I am simply no S and couldn’t quite carry off this kind of dress with aplomb. It is currently looking for a new owner on Ebay if anyone is interested. It would look especially good on you if your hair is not black.

Image Source: You Know You Love Me