Update: It’s not available at the Tokyo Narita Airport either.


Update: The purple gramercy skinny purse from Coach is also sold out in NYC as well!!! When did it become an “it” bag???  


Just when I’m going out, I realized that my wallet doesn’t fit the cute little clutch I’d picked for my outfit, and I ended up scrambling for something to put my money, ID and credit card in. Where is that usually useless little pouch when I needed it? This has happened to me countless times and every time I tell myself that I shall get myself a pretty little money pouch that I won’t forget about, just for this occasion. But everytime I come home, I forget about my good resolution. Well, I’ve finally gotten my act together and started looking!

I remembered that one of my good friends had a Coach pouch during college, so I started off there. And came across these darling gramercy patent mini skinny wallets. I love the vibrant colors (especially the purple!), the patent material (easy cleaning) and the little compartment on the side for cards. I’ve even brought my clutch to the Coach store just to make sure it fits into it. At $42, it is a palatable price for me. The prints are not my favourite, but it’s subtle enough that I can live with it. So in short, it’s quite perfect for my needs (except for the fact that all the Chicago stores seems to have ran out of purple)!

But of course, being a wise shopper, I had to shop around to see my options- just in case! The other brand that popped into my head was naturally Marc by Marc Jacobs. And indeed they had some cute little pouches that would fit my purposes too. I’m loving the purple one. And even though I’ve not always been a fan of the crocodile print, I quite like the texture here. But alas, both are $68 and are a bit out of the budget I was hoping to spend on a little pouch. So I think I’ll be sticking with the Coach one.. unless anyone has a better suggestion?

Psst! These little pouches will make great Christmas presents!

Image Source: Coach and Bloomingdales