The other thing I was accosted with in NYC last time besides purple city bags, was legging pants. An evolution of footless stockings from way back when, the legging pants are a bit thicker and are designed to not hug your backside as tightly as tights do. They have generally been worn as pants with long sweaters/tees that just (or even half) cover your backside. I must say, they look pretty cool with winter boots. There are quite a few kinds, from regular cotton ones, to legging jeans, to crazy silver ones. I actually tried the crazy silver ones from Forever21 the other day, but returned them in the end. Silver is just not a flattering color to be hugging your legs with.

What I’m most enamoured of however are the black liquid legging pants. I first saw them last winter, when my friend wore them to Ruth’s Chris with her new red Louboutin pumps looking super glam. They’re incredibly flattering, they’re shiny but not too shiny and they let you show off your gorgeous shoe collection! It immediately went onto my (very extensive) “want” list, except her’s were from Members and costed a little too much for a pair of leggings. Luckily for me, it seems that they’re back with a vengeance this year and have been available almost everywhere.

They even come with variation, from zips at FCUK (left) and David Lerner from Shopbop (right)…..

… to subtle snakeskin prints at Express (left) and American Apparel (right)! I’ve always been a little scared of snake/crocodile skins, but the texture it gives these leggings are actually kind of cool. Different from the classic but not too loud as to be just for the night. I finally bought a pair of classic liquid leggings the other day from Aqua. They’re decently priced and the quality is not too shabby- you don’t want to get ones that are too thin and hugs your buttocks too much. I paired it with my new Heikejarick cargidan and knee high flat boots and felt quite glam. Oh and in case you’re wondering, they’re not too cold to wear in the winter at all. They’re surprisingly warm and provides me with the same amount of insulation as my skinny jeans.

Image Source: Bloomingdales, Express, Shopbop and American Apparel