To the Director of Ugly Betty,

I know that looking ugly is the essence of Ugly Betty, and that her braces play a large role in her image since America Ferrera in reality is really not that ugly. But isn’t it about time Betty Saurez get to rid herself of the dreaded braces? You know, just to keep the show ‘real’. Everyone knows that the average duration of a braces treatment is 2 years. Even if she is an especially tough case, after four years, I think she has paid her dues. Was it because of the whole episode with Charlie and Dr. Farkas (her orthodontist), that she’s failed to go back for her monthly adjustments?

Granted Betty carries her braces well, but now that she’s become an assistant editor, has side-sweep bangs and a more subdued wardrobe, maybe it’s time to take her braces off as well. It’ll go well with the whole “new” Betty theme.  Besides, without having to put on and take off the braces all the time, everyone will be able to get off the set earlier and go home! As a devoted viewer, please be assured that we will not think any less of the crew for skipping on the braces. Frankly, I’m only still watching the show because I have an inordinate amount of free time and this show is familiar and is always a good laugh. It never ceases to amaze me how bizarre obstacles keep on popping up in Betty’s path whenever things start looking good. But it’s always comforting to know that Betty will always perservere in the end. It’s like Superman but with better clothes. And the saving the world plot never gets old. If it’s any consolation, Betty will always have her glasses to keep her “ugly.”

I do hope you will take my suggestion into account. Maybe it can be part of the next bizarre obstacle that pops up in Betty’s life. It would be funny to see Betty kiss someone else with braces (not that I don’t love Matt) and get stuck in the process.

Your Devoted Viewer,


Ps. For those interested, the show has just been moved to the less prestigious spot (imo) of Wednesday in favor of College Football. On the bright side, it means that there’ll be an episode tonight!