My quest for US quality frozen yoghurt continues. Today, I tried Berry Good in Soho. Located on Graham Street, you’ll find it if you walk up Wellington Street (where Yung Kee and Tsui Wah are), pass Cafe Siam and Pizza Express, until you hit Pacific Coffee. Graham Street is located on your right, and you’ll see Berry Good a few stores down. I was really proud when I found it!  

Unlike Yo Mama, with it’s clean and modern decor, Berry Good didn’t have much of a decor. It is simple, with a fridge, a counter and a few chairs and tables. Priced at $30 for a small cup with 1 topping ($5 for extra toppings), it is priced a tiny bit more than Yo Mama. But the taste of the yoghurt was one step closer to Berry Chill, I can taste the Yakult (and indeed, we can even see the Yakult in the fridge)! It is still a bit too milky and sweet though. The texture was also not exactly frozen. I ordered the same toppings as I did at Yo Mama- Strawberries and Mochi- and they were more or less the same. I miss good old chewy fake US mochi’s! Over all though, I’d put Berry Good ahead of Yo Mama. Sadly, Yo Mama is the more prevalent store across Hong Kong.

Next stop, Yoghurtime on Elgin. Anymore suggestions?