The love for Vuitton has ran in my family for decades now. Consequently, I inherited quite a few of them. One of my favourites back in high school was this Lexington in a lovely sky blue vernis color. The design was simple, the color was young and vibrant and it’s made of this shiny water proof looking material that made me think that I wouldn’t have to worry about scratching/spilling on it too much.

Recently while taking stock of my collection, I rediscovered it. I was disappointed to find that the lovely sky blue color had discolored into patches of an unpleasant greenish yellow shade. You’d think that a Vuitton bag will keep a bit longer.

Indeed, this phenomena is not limited to bags. My mom went through our shoe collection last night and dug up a few pairs of Vuitton vernis pumps from way back then. This gorgeous pair of silver pumps had turn a silvery aqua color. The discoloration was so bad that we had to throw most of them away. The ones above are the only ones remaining that we deemed was still (kind of) wearable. Note the deep yellow shade at the back of the heels- it is not the lighting!

I asssure you that we’ve been taking good care of these items. They’ve been living in their original dust bags since they arrived. The only thing I can think of is perhaps the humidity of Hong Kong, but alas, there is not much I can do to change the air. I guess the vernis is not so wear-proof after all. I don’t think I’ll be investing in this material any time soon.

Ps. I really have no idea why there are purple borders around my images. Anyone else have this problem?