Apparently mom was right, there is such a thing as too much TV. According to this research by the University of Maryland, “unhappy people watch more TV, while people who describe themselves as ‘very happy’ spend more time reading and socializing.” Indeed, I recently read a book called, Happy for No Reason, where watching too much TV was one of the habits of being happy for a bad reason, because it only provided you with a temporary high.

I must admit, I’m definitely guilty of too much TV. It was one of the few things I looked forward to when I came home after work. At some points I’d watch a whole TV series within a few days! It’s really hard to stop at just one episode once you get started. When an episode ends, the inevitable feeling of emptiness creeps up, and all you want to do is start another episode! That was my ultimate guilty pleasure, and I indulged myself a lot.

Recently though, I’ve cut back on my TV watching. Instead, I’ve been devoting my time to socializing, reading and studying. I must say, keeping busy constructively really does make a remarkable difference on one’s mood. My dad claims that it’s because it keeps me from thinking too much. But maybe it’s because of my reduced TV consumption!

By no means, don’t cut your cable yet just to be “happier”. But maybe this weekend, try reducing your TV consumption and see how you feel. Do report back!