It occurs to me that the great god’s of technology these days are running out of ideas. Namely Apple and Google.

Apple came out with an iPad that is an iTouch except bigger. Admittedly they have a few more tricks, like the book reader program. But then I can read ebooks on my laptop. Indeed, there are applications to read ebooks on the iPhone as well. The point of an e-reader would be that it looks like a book, so that it’s not as damaging to your eyes, and can store many of it. I had high hopes for Apple to come up with a good one, but I guess I’ll just wait for the Kindle to come up with a version that has a colored touch screen and a backlight for when it’s dark. It is an interesting evolution of human behavior. Now that I’ve gotten on board with the touch screen thing, it seems intuitive that I should be able to flick a epage over.

Late last year, Google came out with Google Wave and everyone was anxious to be “invited” to try it. As an email, I prefer to see my communications come in order and not all over the place. I do not have the patience to see it replay itself, as cool as the function sounded. As a chat box, it was slow and confusing. Am I suppose to start a new thread for everything sentence I want to say, or reply to a thread? While the auto mapping and the photo sending function was cool (that is if the photo sending worked. The photos I tried to send back in October is still currently loading), the Wave just didn’t catch on with anyone I know and we all quickly gave up. I still have 23 invites. Maybe if they tried to integrate these little functions onto my Gmail.

Speaking of Gmail, I logged on this morning and noticed Google Buzz added to my sidebar. From what I can tell, it is a Google version of Twitter, except worse. It publicizes your contact list and it sends you spam everytime someone updates a Buzz. Molly Wood hits the spot on this one. I’ve already turned mine off. The link to do so is at the very bottom of your Gmail screen, where the small prints and Google View option is. Maybe the folks at Google have been couped up in Google town for too long………