Every since the caged flats made their come out on the YSL runway, I’ve had half an eye out for it. But somehow the whole cage thing just didn’t look right.

Not even when Miu Miu came out with these gladiator cut out flats, that looked like the gladiators above (left) but with the pattern on the right. Miu Miu usually does a good translation of trends, and even my mom was all for them, but I couldn’t bring myself over to them. It is just… not really flattering on the feet.

But then I found this pair of Miu Miu suede mesh ballerina flats, and thought, maybe it’s not so bad after all! The slim and elegant ballerina shape with the bow, gives the mesh a feminine touch, toning down the severity of the mesh. And even though the metalltic pointy part is slightly odd, I am loving it. It makes me think that at least this pair won’t get snuffed from my way of walking (nearly all my pointy shoes are destroyed this way, even my round toed ones actually!). The metallic also adds back the “edgy” feel that mesh is supposed to have. The only downside is that this is made of suede. So not exactly spring/summer friendly.

Image Source: Net A Porter