Walking down the streets, the latest Prada Menswear SS10 campaign caught my eye and actually made me stop to read the fine prints.

There is just something so striking about the photographs that makes you want look closer. Perhaps it is the strong juxtaposition between the eastern and the western culture?

Or perhaps the dapper gentlemens randomly walking in the air with their umbrellas that seem so completely out of place and time? The fine prints said that these were frame stills from the film, The Spring, by Yang Fudong. Initially I thought it was some new version of Lust Caution, a genre I’ve never been very interested in, and that Prada happened to have sponsored the costumes. I wondered how they incorporated a scene with floating men. As it turns out, this is a short film especially commission by Prada to promote their SS10 Menswear collection. I know, I’m slow.

I watched the 9 minute black/white avant garde film last night on You Tube. I don’t claim to understand the surrealist art references, and indeed had no idea what the plot could’ve been. But I did find the imageries in the film incredibly intriguing. Every scene is picture perfect. It almost reads like a moving series of photographs. Definitely not a boring 9 minutes!

Image Source: the Coolist