I’ve been feeling a little blogged out lately, so I’m going to borrow inspiration from HG and talk about the pretty Marc Jacobs bow shoes that she’s been obsessing over ever since she saw Leighton Meester wear it last year.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of gladiator sandals, because they look rather skeletal to me. But I must say, I quite like this one. It has the cool skeletal quality that brings gladiators back to us season after season and yet, it is still pretty with the girly bows.

Indeed, Leighton Meester does it credit, showing us how versatile it can be with our summer outfits, from casual shorts to a pretty dress. It works for mere mortals too! HG tried on the 1 inch heel white version the other day and it looked fab on her!

Image Source: Net A Porter and Coolspotters