Today I was star struck by none other than Susie Bubble from Style Bubble. I actually stopped in my steps for a moment and just stared at her. Yes, Susie. That girl who was blatantly staring at you today outside Cova in Pacific Place was me. I was tempted to creepily follow you into the bathroom and introduce myself, but alas I thought it would be too stalkerish. I already felt decidedly blah next to you. Me in my hastily thrown on jeans and cardigan, and you in your floral top, edgy fringed pants and heels. Plus, I really didn’t know what to say! Instead, I went to our table and immediately called HG to gush. She was super excited to hear about my sighting too! Somehow it was even more exciting than accidentally stumbling into the Asia Film Awards last night and walking into a random Hong Kong movie star.