Now that it has been a few months, I daresay that many have already forgotten about Haiti, with its lack of exposure in the media. But it was brought back on my radar this weekend when I heard the most bone chilling story from my friend that left me quite speechless. One of her friends had visited Haiti recently to see for herself what the situation was like there and was surprised to find that there was no signs of major improvements. It seemed that billions of dollars in donations are just floating around somewhere in corruption and inefficiency. She found that the aids were on one side of a barrier, while the people were on the other side just sitting there in desperate need of help.

Curious, she walked over to the other side to talk to the people and ask them why they were not coming over to get aid- they felt that they have nothing left besides the piece of land they’re sitting on, and if they move someone might come and take it. And so they were just sitting there, waiting for help. Then she saw a little boy of 4 or 5 years old just wandering aimlessly around. The boy stopped next to another little boy who had a cracker, and tried to take it away from him. Then suddenly, the boy with the cracker’s mother was there and literally punched the boy unconscious! She immediately asked the mother why she did it, and the mother said, “That boy has no parents to take care of him, he’s already as good as dead. If I had to choose between the survival of a stranger and my own child, I’d choose my own child.” Sadly, who can blame the mother? Many more such children are wandering the streets lost, looking for their parents with no protection, making them incredibly susceptible to human trafficking. Efforts to register and track these children are not proceeding nearly fast enough.

With the hurricane season coming soon, the situation is about to get worse. Where are the tents and supplies donated? Apparently they are in an island not far away, but they just can’t figure out a cost efficient way to transport them over without harming their charity ranking status.

Most people forget about a cause once they’ve donated money, thinking they’ve done their part. But hearing about these inefficiencies really gets one thinking, should we be doing more?