Last night, my girlfriends and I went to an Anti World Cup event held at an exclusive night club by a social and lifestyle group for girls. The event wasn’t quite as exclusive as the club’s usual. All you had to be was female to enter. There were free champagne, makeovers and manicures with like minded girls who were also tired of hearing about the World Cup all the time. Sounds like the perfect night, right?

Not quite. Upon entering the club, we were all taken aback by the scene as we tried to recall the last time we saw a club full of females. Obviously, we were not one of the first 50 girls to arrive and be rewarded with a goodie bag. As we wandered around looking for a space to sit, we encountered many “this seat is saved” and “someone’s sitting here.” When we tried to figure out how the makeovers and manicures worked, we were told that  “Oh, we’re in line and the line stretches all the way around this couch,” when obviously they just happened to be sitting there and wanted to save places in the line for all their friends too. We were quickly reminded of how bitchy in general our gender was- especially when it comes to free things. We travel in packs. We talk amongst our exclusive little cliques and we look out/fight for our own, whether it is saving them a seat or a space in a line. It almost felt like high school again, except we were all sipping champagne and dressed better.

I’ve always thought of myself as a girl’s girl. But for once, I actually missed the boys and football.