This was by no means my first time in Tokyo. I’ve been to some of these places below at least three times. But it was my cousin’s first time, and so we felt the need to pay the customary visit. I must say, it still feels different seeing everything again now than it did  from the perspective of a teenager.

To make it a more fun and local experience, we decided to skip the boring tour bus and explore the city on our own via the subway system. After a lot of pointing and simple English phrases, I’m proud to say that I’ve finally figured out how it works! It’s confusing when they have 3 different train systems and tickets according to prices (instead of a flat fee or according to stations). But let me warn you, there’s a lot of walking involved! Oh and you can’t use your cell in the train, except for texting.

I personally don’t eat raw food, so my scope for food is limited. But do get a bowl of ramen and treat yourself to some of their lovely marbled steak. They literally melt in your mouth. It was heavenly.