I’m not usually a shorts girl, but the heat is finally getting to me and instead of trying to get into my usual skinny jeans everyday, shorts are looking extremely tempting  right about now- especially when I’ve been seeing it everywhere I go.

As a result, I’ve been experimenting with these brown Zara shorts I got last summer, and they’re fitting in really well with city life. I especially love pairing it with my long black boyfriend blazer (something like the above except in black). There’s just something so put together but effortlessly chic about the look. My shorts also look great paired with my new over sized white t shirt. I reckon it’s the contrast between the short and the long. It’s almost as if I’ve found a new summer staple that has all the versatility of my skinny jeans and all the breezy benefits of a miniskirt without having to worry about flashing everyone if I take a step too far!

So I figured that it is time I invested in more shorts. I came across these from See by Chloe when I was browsing through the Saks sale section. They look boxy and comfortable. The color is flexible. The  pleats, cuffs and button details gives it a sophisticated edge. They’re on sale. And I’m loving it! I’m getting ready to place my order……..

Image Source: Saks and Shopbop