Naturally, I went shopping in Tokyo.

On my last visit, my friend took me to Shibuya 109. For a teenager, that was 7 floors of heaven and I spent almost a whole day there. If you look up once you get out of the Shibuya JR station, you’ll see it. This time, I took my cousin K there and she was in heaven. She adores the cutesy Japanese fashion there. Floral prints, light denim, big bows, polka dots, lace, frills, long dresses and more floral prints. It’s not usually my style, but even I was tempted to get a super cutesy Japanese floral dress for Halloween. In the end, I gave in and got an adorable straw boat hat with a blue/white striped ribbon. I figured there was a bit of Chanel in it.

After seeing all the beautiful clothes Sea of Shoes got at Laforet on her trip to Tokyo, I simply HAD to stop by. While I found that Furfur and Hotel 55 was a little beyond my budget, I did find some lovely stuff there that was more to my style than Shibuya. It is a bit more sophisticated, with cute flowy cream and lacy dresses and shirts. At first I was doubtful whether I’d wear this style in Hong Kong, because they are a slightly bohemian, and bohemian is so last decade. But in the end, I couldn’t resist the many super kawaii Japanese girls around me anymore, and bought the whole outfit at EarthMusic&Ecology and immediately changed into it. I felt super feminine and cute- almost like a local!

Ironically, even though my hotel was right in Shinjuku, I didn’t really get a chance to check out all the fashion in the department stores. The last time I was here, the fashion wasn’t my age. But now I get the impression that I should’ve spent more time here. Instead we spent a lot of time getting lost in the subway trying to find our way out. We later figured out that we should make sure we get out the correct exit off the train- the south gate.

I did get a chance to check out the food halls though in our search for souvenirs. We stocked up on Yoku Moku cookies, but later regretted it when we found them cheaper at the airport. We should’ve waited! But they do taste really rich and buttery and make wonderful presents.

Now to some of my goodies. The top left is the outfit I got at Laforet, complete with the straw hat I got at Shibuya 109. I rationed that this would make a nice breezy outfit for a summer trip! On the right, is a sailor blazer I got at Shibuya 109. Don’t you love the navy blue trimmings? I was waiting for my cousin to try on a dress when I spotted a girl walking pass in this jacket. When K commented that she saw it in a store we’d just been to, I knew I had to have it. The cutting is not that great, but it’s fun and it’s on sale. What’s not to love? At the bottom, is an over sized white t shirt with silver stitching that I spotted at EarthMusic&Ecology. It’s a bit more edgy than the rest of the store, but it was very me. It is currently my favourite item in my wardrobe. It looks super cool paired with shorts or skinny jeans! I also got a lacey breezy cream top from EarthMusic&Ecology (Yes, I did a lot of damage at EarthMusic&Ecology) and a plain white shiny tee shirt from Yecca Vecca. I figured they’d be excellent tops to mix and match with.

Next time I really need to spend more time at Shinjuku and the Omotesando, make my way to Ginza to check out the delicious patisserie places and book to see the Ghibli Museum. Maybe the Tsukiji market. I really need a few more days in Tokyo!

Thanks to Girl on the Ave for sharing her special places with me 🙂