Today I left my phone on a cab AGAIN. This is the fourth time since I was old enough to have a phone. I didn’t even realize until a hour later! Panicked, I frantically called my phone, hoping that I’d just misplaced it in my pockets. But alas, it wasn’t hidden away in any mysterious pocket. After calming down and recapping the events of the night, I concluded that I must’ve left it on the cab.

I frantically called myself some more hoping someone would pick up while I kicked myself for leaving it on silent. When no one picked up, I sent myself a text offering a reward for bringing my cell back and posted a call on the Road Co-op Lost & Found 24 Hours Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxis (it is 1872920 if anyone else needs it) offering a reward as well. I even struck up a conversation with another cab driver, who said that yes he does listen to that hotline, but that it really isn’t about the reward but whether the cab driver actually picked it up. In 80% of the cases, the next passenger usually picks it up and then it’ll probably end up in the black markets. Knowing Hong Kong, I knew it was true and that my chances of getting it back is slim. That’s probably what happened to left-on-a-cab cell phone #3. It is a mercenary world after all- Hong Kong being more so than most.

Images of my parents telling  me how clumsy I am again and never letting me live it down for the rest of my life started to reel in my head.  Just when I was about to admit defeat, and getting ready to cut off my SIM card in case the person who picked my phone up decided to make some obscene international calls and rack up my data plan, we received a call from the cab driver. He has it and he’s willing to drive it back to us if we’d cover the fare. I was more than happy to do so. And half a hour later, I had my phone back! He joked that he was giving me the phone back because Brazil lost to Netherlands in the world cup tonight and he made money from it. But it made me feel  all warm and fuzzy inside anyway, to know that even in a mercenary city like Hong Kong, there’s still some good in the world. At least I think he was joking, if not, than thank god that Brazil lost!