Following the footsteps of the Sassy Girls, my girlfriends and I went to the Victorian Spa at the Disneyland Hotel yesterday to enjoy an afternoon of pampering. The special Girl’s Day Out Package was just too good to resist!

“If  3 or more friends book together you can indulge in the the Elemis Dream Journey massage and facial plus a one way transfer to the spa with a car picking you up in Central!  The Girls Day Out Package is available for $930 each Sunday to Thursday and $980 if booked for a Friday or Saturday.” (original text from SassyHongKong)

We were immediately swept away with an efficiently arranged car pick up at Pacific Place 1. The car ride  there was so smooth and comfortable that it barely felt like it took 20 minutes. When we arrived at the Disneyland Hotel, the driveway was immaculately lined with palm trees and the sky was blue. We felt like we were on a vacation and we didn’t even have to go through customs!

We were warmly welcomed at the reception and given a tour of the facilities. The staff was very friendly and even offered to share their mosquito repellent with me when we decided to take lunch outside at the poolside bar. After a simple lunch, we grabbed our drinks and enjoyed ourselves on the lounge chairs by the poolside.  Oh how I miss staring into the empty blue sky without trying to peak behind skyscrapers. It’s a good thing we went on a weekday, because the pool was relatively empty save a few children, so it was nice and peaceful (or as peaceful as a Disney themed pool can be). We even took a dip in the pool and tried out the water slide. The water slide was surprisingly long. This is my first time back in the water since the fitness swim test I had freshman year, so it’s a good thing that the pool was relatively shallow. I accidentally tripped over myself twice attempting to swim with my head above water and effectively defeated the purpose of it when I went “overboard.” Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the pool side. I was too busy just being in the moment of it.

Then we changed into our robes (they were rather thin and not as plush and princessy as I’d hoped) and headed off for our treatments. I love how the luxuriously decorated waiting room has girly refreshments, like lemon honey ginger water, and the Disney channel on. The treatment was heavenly. I felt so refreshed afterwards! I especially loved the  cooling gel she put on my shoulder to “de-stress” towards the end. It felt so tingly! The only problem I had was that I had difficulty breathing through my nose when I was facing down, even though there was already a hole in the chair. I guess it is not their fault though. It happened to me before at my last massage too. It’s as if the position blocks off my airway. Does anyone else have this problem??

After our treatment, we tried out the steam room (to open our pores and better absorb the oil), sauna and the jacuzzi. It was fun to have it all to ourselves. The changing room itself was really well equipped, though the bath products felt a bit watered down. Once we were all showered and dressed, we took a leisurely walk into the hotel’s hedge maze. Since reading a book in high school that featured a hedge maze, my friend and I have been oddly enamored of them. This maze is  actually quite sophisticated and you can indeed take a wrong turn. It’s a good thing that we were tall enough to see over the hedge! But alas, we did not find a prince at the end of the maze. The picture posted of it is kind of small, but can you see the Mickey head in it?

We were sad to leave and kicked ourselves for not making arrangements to spend the night. Though I’m already making plans in my head to visit again soon. I can really get used to this on a more regular basis………….