Clearly I’ve been caught with the travel bug this month because I’m in Sydney right now!

Even though it is winter here, the weather has been pleasantly mild with sunshine and blue skies (fingers crossed this will continue on the week). I have actually lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Sydney, since I frequently came here as a teenager. Deprived of Abercrombie in Hong Kong, I used to think I was in shopping heaven and I’d happily whiz back and forth around Center Point stocking up. Dotti, General Pants and SDS were my favourites.

But things have definitely changed since then. Now that I’ve met Abercrombie and made the acquaintance of a host of other international designers, it no longer seems that exciting to be whizzing around Center Point. In fact, Dotti at Center Point has disappeared (though my friend assures me that it still exists in a more sophisticated version of its former self. I just checked, their site still exists!). Come to think of it, a lot of Center Point has disappeared due to a (much needed imo) renovation.

Now I feel a bit at loss for where to go! Maybe it’s time I did some more exploring of Sydney.