Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve  had a thing for matchy matchy pajamas. During college, when everyone else was walking around the dorm in oversized t-shirts and shorts, I was wandering around in matching “Chicks Rule” pjs from Target. So imagine my delight when I came across Peter Alexander, at Center Point in Sydney. A whole store devoted to girly matchy matchy pjs!

Not so much an animal lover myself, I immediately gravitated towards these two pajama sets, with the multitude of bows and pink stripes. Oh the choices! In the end, I settled for the bow prints, since I thought they were more special and unique than stripes. Though I’m mighty tempted to stop by Peter Alexander before I leave and pick up the pink stripe set as well. The bows on either side of the pockets are too cute!

I am also loving these pants full of charms. Though I’m not too hot about the t shirt. I think it’ll look better with this super soft pink waffle Henley I also picked up from PA.

They are quite creative when it comes to their night dresses as well. I really like this daisy print over sized shirt dress. Unfortunately, they ran out of the waffle leggings that are supposed to go with it, and I’m all about matchy matchy. I also think that this drape printed t shirt is quite interesting, because it made me take a second glance. From the thumbnail, I thought it was actually draped!

If there is one store in Sydney that I would like to empty out, I think Peter Alexander is it!

Image Source: Peter Alexander