I’ve been waiting super patiently for the perfect Kindle to come out. How hard can it be to integrate  touch screen with paper ink technology? Well apparently quite, since 1.5 years is clearly not long enough to do so. Tired of waiting and running out of shelf space, I finally clicked the button last month and having been playing with it since.

Obviously I can’t comment on the “vast” improvements it has made since the Kindle 2 since I have nothing to compare it with, but the Kindle 3 has definitely met my expectations so far for an E-book reader. First of all, I was super impressed with the paper ink technology. It is so real that I thought the writing was a fake piece of sticker on the screen! I’m also impressed by how quickly and easily it download books. My friends T and T mentioned a book the other day that sounded interesting. I downloaded and read it the very next day. It even downloads newspapers, which is awesome since I hate real newspapers- so dirty and big, I never know how I should hold it! The Kindle allows me to keep up with my reading and the news while I’m on the go. The size is just perfect too- small enough for my handbags but not so small that I need to squint. The cute pink leather case I got with it doesn’t hurt its aesthetics either. I also have this awful habit of reading ahead, and the Kindle is definitely keeping me from doing so on that front.

The point is- I’m a Kindle convert. It is a seriously ebook reader for those really looking to replace paper books and protect their eyes from excess glare. A real value-adding product if I may say so myself. Perfect for travelling too! Love 🙂