Technology is the word for me in the last weeks. After the Kindle 3, I got myself the iPhone 4. It’s a vast advancement from my Nokia “smart phone”. I LOVE it and I’m never going back. But there IS one problem. I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that my iPhone is slowly killing me. Namely, Supermarket Mania and Unblock Me.

There is just something so incredibly ADDICTIVE about them that I’ve wasted more time then I care to admit playing with them in the last week! They are just so well made. And there isn’t just one game, but MANY of such games in the App Store i.e. Sally’s Spa.

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was complete 10 Unblock Me puzzles- after which I got myself a splitting headache all day. I think it is because I spend too much energy focusing on that tiny screen. Please help me stop!!!!!

My only other complaint is that the App Store seems to have trouble recognizing my credit card information. I read that it is apparently a really common error these days because of too much traffic. Anyone else having this trouble?