Dear Gorgeous beige pumps,

The first time I saw you on the Shopbop website, I was tempted. You looked so gorgeous, classic and Louboutin like staring back at me. On sale, and at more than half the price of real Louboutins, I felt a jolt of excitement course through me, as I looked for the “Add to Cart” button. But alas, you were already sold out in my size, so I didn’t even have the chance to deliberate. That didn’t prevent me from stalking you from time to time though, just for a peek.

So the other day when I visited just to say hi, and realized that you were once again available, all thoughts of awkward sizing and other reservations went out the window and I immediately hit buy. Happy to get my hands on you.

When you arrived 2 days later (shopbop’s free international shipping is the best!), you did not disappoint. You delivered all your picture promised. Extending my legs to impossibly long lengths. Worries about awkward sizing (from the many contradicting reviews online) was disputed, you fit like a handmade glove. You were the party perfect pair of pumps!

The one shadow towering over all this love however was your height. It’s really not your fault. It said on the site that you were 5″ tall, I was given fair warning. But I figured that if I can do 4″, then what is another inch when you’re platformed? Alas, it turns out that in real life, one inch is all it takes to take you from the heights of fabulousness to the floor with a twisted ankle. I felt like I was treacherously teetering on the edge of a cliff as I tested you out around my apartment (everything does look different from new heights!). Thinking of the slopes of LangKwaiFong and Soho, and Grace, still gathering dust at the back of my wardrobe having been worn precisely once in more than a year, I decided to make the prudent decision to return you. I hope you understand. Please know that there will always be a special place in my heart for you.