I got a call from my nocturnal aunt this morning at 6:30am telling me that there was a typhoon 8 going on and that work was cancelled for the morning. I haven’t had such great morning news for YEARS. Not since high school! I immediately slammed my alarm shut and proceeded to sleep the morning away. YES!!!! This is the best thing that can happen early in the morning.

For those who don’t know, located in the sub tropics, Hong Kong is prone to typhoons and heavy rain, which occasionally makes it too dangerous to go to work. Consequently, they came up with this system, where we classify our typhoons (1,3,8) and rainstorms (yellow, red and black). Whenever they come up with a typhoon 8 or a black rainstorm, then the city closes, until the signal is removed.

Usually we know that a typhoon is coming, and we all anxiously monitor the television to see if and when they put it up. But this time, the typhoon Nesat snuck up on us. There was wind, but they said that the chances of a typhoon 8 was extremely mild, and so we all ignored it. Who knew that it would sneak up on us AND manage to keep the typhoon 8 signal up for close to 12 hours? As a result, most of us didn’t even have to go to work for the whole day!

Yes, some trees were uprooted, and glasses fell off buildings, but no one was hurt (since no one was out). It was like an extra day of holiday for all of us! Many restaurants were actually still opened. So I celebrated the unexpected day of rest by sleeping til noon, and having a late lunch/tea with my family. It was definitely a very good day today. And hey, tomorrow is Friday!! 🙂 Am I unusually happy and giddy over a random day off?