This weekend as I was searching for the perfect eye cream (which is hydrating, has preventative qualities, but does not cause millia and is not exorbitantly expensive), I bought a pair of pumps instead. The Lane Crawford at Times Square (it is like the Barneys equivalent in the States) is just so strategically designed this way, with the make-up counter in the middle and the shoe collection surrounding it. As you walk to the next make-up counter, a pair of shoe catches your eye, and then the next pair of shoe draws you in and before you know it, you end up with these to-die-for shoes that you simply must have!

Do these pumps look familiar to anyone? Yes, they are very similar to the Pour la Victoire pair that I’d recently had to return because they were so treacherously high. Except these are not treacherously high, and I’d go so far as to say that they’re actually comfortable (though I have yet to take it out for a walk yet, due to the gloomy weather). The insoles even have a Nike air cushiony quality to it! I must admit, the heels are not quite as elegant as it could be, but at less than $1000HKD (~$130USD) I’m not going to demand perfection. I really must start paying attention to other shoes from Peddar Red!

My search for an eye cream continues……..