That is, my contribution to helping retailers turning their accounts from red “into the black.” My wallet is definitely in the red.

Diane von Furstenberg-diane von furstenberg panel marta techno jersey high waist pencil skirt

Over lunch, I decided to go downstairs and check out the DVF private sale. Most items were 30% off plus another 10% for VIPs. Not bad for Hong Kong standards this time of the year (nothing compared to the crazy happenings in the US. You add an item to your basket, and the next moment it is sold out!). I tried on a few items, but nothing really stood out. This season quick frankly is kind of meh. In the end, I got a classic black marta pencil skirt, in this amazing stiff (yet flexible) fabric that doesn’t wrinkle. I’ve been looking for a pencil skirt for ages. I got one from Zara, but it doesn’t quite have the “feel good” fit that this one has, so I figured it was an investment.

While I was there, I spotted this Haruka jacket I’ve been stalking on Shopbop for ages, and decided to try it on. It looks pretty good! Perfect to go with both work dresses and pants (I’m getting a bit tired of my black blazers and gray cardian). So when I got back to my desk, I hit the button. Currently on 50% off, in addition to Shopbop’s buy $250 get $50 back promotion, I figured this was a deal. It’s like online shopping arbitrage! A very rare opportunity, since nice things online go very quickly. Things my size are almost never left till the 50% off mark.

After yoga-after-work, I had a hour to kill before dinner. So I decided to wander around and ended up in a jewelry shop I had visited ages ago, which had just moved to the area (Dearbell). I remember being really excited when I found the store, because some of the pieces there were edgy, versatile and most importantly affordable. I still frequently wear the necklace I bought there, because it is the most versatile accessory I have!

I went in there looking for something short and gold to match outfits with. When I found out that since the last time I’d been there, they’d marked the prices up 3 times, I was totally not going to buy anything. Not even when they said the materials they use are nicer now. But when we started chatting, and he started to twist and turn the necklace, showing me the many ways I can wear it to make it cooler, helping me make adhoc additions to it to make it more versatile and cute, and then offering me 30% off and saying that their prices will only go up from here as they start to “make it” and walk the higher end road…… I caved in. With the clarity of the hindsight, I have to admit, I am a sucker for the sales pitch (even though I’m a horrible sales myself). I paid double the price for the gold version of the first necklace I’d bought, which is very similar in style. From now on, I am NOT going to chat with the sales assistance anymore.

Ps. Happy thanksgiving everyone!