One of the “prizes” I got from Paris over the summer was this wide belt from Sandro, a Parisian equivalent of Theory.

Since then, it was been staple in my wardrobe. The perfect item to accessorize my boring work dresses, without being too flashy.

So last night, when I sat down after dinner and it just SNAPPED. I was astounded and outraged! I’ve only worn it a handful of times. It’s almost NEW! 20111129-192032.jpg

I thought maybe it was the elastic. But upon closer examination, it was the METAL BUCKLE. How did that happen? I’m not a stick, but I’m not fat either. Nowhere near big enough to stretch metal to the point of rupture.


I can only attribute it to crappy quality. It seems to be a theme with Sandro. My first time at Sandro, I ended up with a cape that shedded everywhere. This time, I ended up with crappy metal, supposedly made in Italy. It’s really disappointing, since every time I go in there I want everything! And they are by no means cheap!!!!