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I just went to the Lady Gaga Born this Way Ball last night! She is undeniably an amazing performer! The set was state of the art. A castle with a lot of moving parts. And there were so many costumes, that I lost count how many times she changed. The horse, the motorcycle piano, the faux meat set, the machine gun bra top, was all very very cool. The atmosphere was, needless to say, wild. I was standing in the pit, and I felt like I was at a rave party (or what I imagine one is like)!

To be  frank, I only know like 5  Gaga songs. But I love a good performance and I think she put on a pretty awesome one – even if nothing made sense to me (I am not surprise since her interview in Vanity Fair barely made sense to me). I think there was supposed to be a story, something about giving birth to monsters and creating a different world, and then shooting down the floating face that looked like the Face of Boe from Doctor Who. Then she asked the audience if “they gave a fuck” and we were so confused that half said no and half said yes (I think the correct answer is no? Because apparently all the “monsters” are supposed to be bad?). Nevertheless we all loved her random inclusion of Hong Kong in her songs (I bet she does that in every city!). Her speech while she was playing her motorcycle piano was surprisingly normal too. It was  about not being afraid to be yourself etc. which she definitely represents!


The show officially starts at 7:30pm, but we all know it’s code name for after 8pm – in this case 8:30pm. My cousin arrived at the arena at around 6:30pm and was very very lucky. He got there early enough to be admitted to the monster pit! Talk about a close up experience (that is what the special bracelet above is for)! He took the Gaga picture above with his phone – no zoom!

In the regular block A pit, it really was more like a club. I was actually closer than I thought, though at the time I didn’t notice because there were so many people in front of me. I would like to take this opportunity to say this:

1. To the man in the red afro: I know it is atmospheric and everything. But no one behind you can see anything in the crowded pit. You are not short. And bobbing your head around doesn’t help the view either. Thank you for taking the afro off midway. We all appreciated it.

2. To the man next to me with the BO: Please let me buy you some deodorant. In the meantime, can you please refrain from raising your hand up to take pictures, especially when you are hot and sweaty and it is very crowded?

Maybe I was just not meant  for the cockpit. I threw  frequent  envious looks up at the seated audience a few feet way from me.