One of my favourite midday snacks-to-pull-me-through-the-rest-of-the-afternoon recently has been fresh apple juice, because it tastes good and makes me feel healthy (even though I know that fresh fruit has a lot of sugar content in it). I usually buy it at a premium of $30HKD (almost $3USD), even though I can probably get the same thing for half the price, simply because it is the closest to my office. It is usually a pretty decent size medium cup.

Today when I went for my apple juice dose, the medium size cup looked suspiciously small. I had to lift it up to the sample size cups to make sure he didn’t give me the wrong one. Upon further inquiry, this is indeed a recent phenomena. It seems that now, the small and medium cup are essentially the same and the medium has turned into a small! Instead of hiking the price, they shrewdly shrunk the cup! Sneaky!!!

Ps. Just so I have a complete record, my bus ride home just went up by 9% out of the blue… not much in nominal terms, but very serious in percentage terms! (5/30/2012)