I’ve never been a big fan of H&M, having relegated it to a  place for cheap basics and more recently, cheap beachwear to be used and thrown. Finding anything decent at H&M is like finding a needle in a haystack, and that has never been my forte. But then I came across Cindiddy in this casually chic white H&M shift dress, and thought, I want that dress!

And so, I went to H&M and carefully combed through the store looking for that chic white shift dress. Of course, I didn’t find it. But to my pleasant surprise, I did find a needle or two in the haystack!


I’ve been craving a pleated mid length skirt all season, and when I saw this midnight blue pleated dress I was instantly drawn to it! One problem I always have with H&M, is that  everything looks H&M. But not this dress. The design is simple and trendy. The midnight blue color is subtle and elegant (they have a similar dress in pastel yellow and trust me, the effect is completely different!). Most importantly, the jeweled collar gives it instant glam (and makes it look at least twice as expensive)! Paired with a simple thick black belt and my hair up (to show off the collar of course), I felt feminine, ladylike and very pretty. I got loads of compliments, and everyone was surprised when they found out it was from H&M! The only problem I have with it is that the waist part is a bit narrow. Without a zip, I need to be very agile to get in and out of it.

My second “needle” is this apple green silk (I think?) blouse. The apple green shade is just so refreshing! The folded sleeves and the pleats in the center add just the right amount of detail to keep it from being too plain. Paired with white shorts (and properly ironed), it is  perfect for a day out in the sun. And I just so happened to have a boat trip to go to (this was day before the Dragon Boat races)! I was further surprised to find out that they go perfectly with my neon pink sandals too. Creates a whole neon look!

Who knew that finding the needle in the haystack could be so rewarding?

Photo credits: Obviously goes to Cindiddy for her inspiring Cindiddy x Darth Vadar spread!