The problem with sales in Hong Kong is that they really try to push it to the last minute possible. They really don’t leave you much time to use your sales purchases before the next season comes along. Such is the case with my new Sofia di B yellow wedge sandals. There’s only a few more weeks of summer left before  I’ll have to retire them in favour of booties!


But they were just sitting there on the sales table calling out to me. The design is simple, clean and easy to wear. And they were surprisingly comfortable when I tried it on! The straps are actually really well designed to support the ankles. At 60% off, they are also quite reasonably priced (though I’ve never heard of this brand and neither has Google, so I must assume it is a Harvey Nichols bred brand).

I did think about it for a week. Contemplating the versatility of yellow, and whether cork wedge looks cheap (as I’ve always thought so). My conclusion was that I love yellow anyway, and this shade can even pass off as a light off brown shade. I maintain that cork wedge looks cheap though, and this pair would be better served with a straw weaved wedge. But one cannot be overly picky during final sales (especially when the price is right), and this will be a great alternative to my summer flats, gladiators and strappy sandals!