Did you know that if you follow the simple steps below, you can make potato souffle?

  1. Cut a potato in half, and slice thin pieces of potatoes (using a ham cutter machine if you’re professional, or a grater if you’re not)
  2. Towel the water off two slices
  3. Lightly swipe flour over the surface of one slice
  4. Place another slice on top of that and squeeze out any air in between
  5. Fashion the double potato slices into any shape you want using a knife or cookie cutter
  6. Squeeze the sides some more to make sure there are no “gaps”
  7. Fry the potato slice and watch it POP!
  8. Salt as necessary


It’s ok, I didn’t know what it was at first either. Apparently they are fresh potato chips with air in the middle, puffed up like a souffle! They were the highlight of a recent cooking class I took, as my new friend and I went crazy cutting up different shapes (we rarely get the opportunity to exercise the creative side of our brains!). They make excellent plate decorations and in my opinion wonderful “fresh” snacks to go with drinks!

The rest of the class of slow cooking meat in a basin of oil, sifting sauce from a piece of cloth after a very lengthy process and trying to cut vegetable the “right” way without chopping off my fingers (hold your hands like they are claws!) was completely lost on me. I say, just put everything in a pot and boil it!