Ever since my mom started seeing a dietrician, she has been eating a piece of 85% dark chocolate every night because a little bit of cocoa everyday is appparently good for the heart. Which is good news for me, since after two decades of milk chocolate, I have finally acquired a taste for the darker side. So when she passed around the bar of dark chocolate last night, I unhesitatingly popped a piece in my mouth… and stopped. In her zeal to strengthen her heart, she’d taken it one step further and bought 99% chocolate.

It’s like drinking sparkling water. You expect it to taste like sprite but it doesn’t. Except this is worse, because instead of nothing, there is bitterness disguised in the luxe texture of chocolate. My parents had a really good laugh out, as they watched me jump off the couch and run for water (could it be a ploy to get me off the couch?).

It is definitely one of the most memorable chocolate I’ve ever had… one that I’ll remember to avoid!