That’s how it feels like anyway. I know that it is likely the after shock of utilizing dormant muscles, but I went to the bathroom to check anyway. Just to be sure I didn’t actually bruised my ribs – I didn’t. It is indeed just the by product of doing crunches correctly.

After much consideration and empty talking, I finally joint the gym a few weeks ago. Mostly because one of the things on my list of  30 things to do before I’m 30 is to run a half marathon (and time is starting to run out!). I thought I was already being realistic to my level doing half, but when I told my boss (who is a runner) that I wanted to run a half marathon he laughed and asked me if I knew how far that was. Apparently it is 21K. I immediately flashed back to the time when I walked a 10K in Auckland and how afterwards my friend and I laid paralyzed on her couch for the remainder of the day… ok so maybe a half marathon in 3 months is pushing it. So I signed up for the 10K race in November (in about 2.5 months time). It’s all about setting realistic goals for yourself, and building up to it right?

Well, turns out after the initial assessment, my trainer doesn’t even think I can finish running a 10K race. Probably because I feel lightheaded and super out of breath after a 20 minute run at a moderate rate (she calls it, fast walking). It’s not even because I don’t eat or am dehydrated. It just happens as I cool down. Probably because of all the blood rushing into my head afterwards. Supposedly it gets better with time… though I have my doubts.

Anyway, in addition to all that, I also have no muscle strength … well anywhere on my physique. When I try to do sit ups, I end up tiring out my neck, cause I have no strength in my abdomen to execute the task. The other day, after doing some weight lifting, my arms were so weak that while I was in the shower, I dropped my huge bottle of Aveda conditioner onto my foot and bruised myself (for real). My trainer was kind enough not to tell me my assessment score… but judging from my screaming muscles (I finally know what they mean by that!), I’m pretty sure it is close to 0. Looks like I have a long way to go………

On the plus side, to encourage myself in this new endeavor, I bought myself a lovely layered Adidas black tank with pink highlights, which is super chic!